Reminder from the Fort Wayne Police Department

Fort Wayne Police Department

E-mail from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

Infant left in vehicle unattended

(September 2, 2011) – Today, at approximately 5:19 p.m., the Fort Wayne Police Department responded to the parking lot of Target at 1102 Thomas Road South reference a report of an infant inside a vehicle alone, crying and sweating and possibly in distress, with all vehicle windows and doors secured. At the time of dispatch, the temperature was reported to be 96 degrees, with a heat index of 102 degrees. Officers arrived on the scene and immeditely gained access to the vehicle by breaking the driver side window and rescuing the child from the increasing temperatures inside. The child was treated by medics at the scene and was reported to be uninjured, and in good condition.

Officers made contact with the grandmother of the infant who was inside the store. She became deeply upset upon learning that her grandson was in the vehicle, and she reported that her grandson is usually not in her care, and that she forgot that he was in the vehicle when she arrived at the store. It is estimated by the officers that this child was in the vehicle for approximately ten to fifteen minutes.

It is believed that if it were not for the witness’s obeservations and the quick response by officers, the outcome of this incident would have been a tragic one.

The City of Fort Wayne Police Department reminds parents and care givers and pet owners to never leave children or pets alone or unattended in vehicles, and most especially during periods when high temperatures are forecasted.



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