Statement of Mayor Tom Henry on The Harrison – 8/31/2011

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Statement from the City of Fort Wayne:

Statement of Mayor Tom Henry on The Harrison – August 31, 2011:

There are deadlines. And there are deals. I believe in making good deals for the people of Fort Wayne. That’s why I believe in The Harrison.

Furthermore, I believe in Mark Hagerman and Simon Dragan. They believe in this project and they believe in Fort Wayne. They’ve told me they are working tirelessly to bring The Harrison to a positive conclusion. I believe them. They are men of their word.

This afternoon they shared some encouraging news with me. They report that all issues of substance have been resolved between PNC Bank and New Harrison, LLC. Late today the City viewed evidence of the development team’s ability to proceed with bank financing, and a definitive agreement with the City should come the following week.

I believe in the inherent strength of The Harrison and what it will add to the amazingly successful Harrison Square. I believe in the new jobs, new housing, new businesses and new investment it will add to downtown and our entire community.

As your Mayor, I know how to get things done. And I know we will get The Harrison done.

Mayor Tom Henry


A note was included at the end of the statement: Attached is a letter received by Mayor Henry from the developers today. Since receiving this letter the City has received confirmation of the evidence of financing.


Download the Letter from New Harrison LLC to Mayor Tom Henry


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  1. You have got to be kidding! The letter supposedly from New Harrison LLC is dated August 31, 2011. It will be a cold day in that hot place when an August has 31 days!
    Who in the heck wrote and sent this letter? I find it very,very hard to believe that Simon Dragon did this!

    More nonsense about this boondoggle!!!!

  2. Just to clear this up, Satan has been serving ice tea every August 31 for masny years. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to fall – like what does the city have to do now to get ther loan for New Harrison LLC? Could it be some of the so-called legacy money from I & M is going to be used? Wouldn’t suprise me one little bit!


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