Project designs for The Harrison

The Harrison logo.

News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Project designs for The Harrison delivered early

(July 28, 2011) – In accordance with the timeline set forth in the memorandum of understanding, final project designs for The Harrison have been delivered to the City of Fort Wayne by the development team. The Harrison is the residential and commercial component of Harrison Square.

The plans were presented to Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission staff 3 days before the July 31, 2011 date outlined in the agreement.


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  1. These drawings ARE NOT the “Final design” which is called out in the Memo of Understanding, page 4, under 2. Timetable, the first date being July 31, 2011 at which the “Final design to City for approval is to be roughly completed”. All the 8 pages of drawings are dated April 20, 2011 and are marked,”50% CD set -Not for Construction-
    No changes have been made per the drawing notes since the April 20th date. Looking at the prints, even the retail spaces that have been leased are not marked with the leasee’s name – just Retail A thru Retail E. Also, the second floor, which is to be the law offices is just marked, “Office”
    So, in what way are these “Final design” drawings???? And in what possible way can the City accept these as “Final design”????
    More Mickey Mouse in this boondoggle!!!
    Can we expect the next date on the Time Table which is marked August 31, 2011 – “Evidence to City of final financing for Development Group” to be accepted by the City with documents like these? And the same date on the Timetable stating, ” Execution of Definitive Agreements” to be covered by a document in error like these drawings??

  2. After today’s market “valley”, does anyone give this continuation of the Harrison Square boondoggle any chance of being funded by one of the nations “head-stuck-where-the-sun-don’t-shine” banks? Maybe when they serve ice tea in hell!

  3. Well I guess thast at least 4 people in Fort Wayne disagree with my contention – and nobody agrees with me. Oh, well, we shall see at month’s end.


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