Hughes praises Council leadership

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News release from the Paula Hughes for Mayor campaign:

Hughes Praises Council Leadership
Applauds Harper & Vogt’s Efforts to Learn More about $1.4 Expenditure

Former Allen County Council President and Fort Wayne Republican mayoral nominee Paula Hughes, praised the efforts of bringing City and County Council together for a joint meeting regarding the expenditure of $1.4 million for routing and permitting office expansion.

“When using public dollars, we must ensure that they are being spent wisely,” Hughes said. “City Council President Mitch Harper and County Council President Darren Vogt have made the right decision to bring the councils together to discuss this important expenditure and the appropriate benchmarks for success.”

Focusing on the difficulty of doing business in Fort Wayne is nothing new to Paula Hughes. In fact, she outlined her plans for improving the city’s routing and permitting process in March of 2010. This announcement led to the formation of the current task force that made last week’s recommendations.

“By working together, we have an opportunity to make Fort Wayne an easier place to do business and to get Fort Wayne working again,” Hughes said. “That has been the hallmark of my campaign for over a year and I welcome Mayor Henry into the discussion, even at this late date.”

Hughes received 56% of the Republican primary vote in the May 3 election and was the highest Republican mayoral vote-getter in Fort Wayne history.


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