Governor signs bill cracking down on public voyeurism

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E-mail from Indiana State Senator Tom Wyss:

Governor signs bill cracking down on public voyeurism

Gov. Mitch Daniels has signed into law legislation crafted by State Sen. Tom Wyss (R-Fort Wayne) closing a loophole that has allowed criminals who “peep in public” to escape conviction.

There have been cases across the state where prosecutors were unable to convict criminals who used small cameras to take indecent photos – often called “upskirt photography” – of women and children in public. Currently, it is only illegal to take inappropriate photos of unknowing individuals in private places such as restrooms or dressing rooms.

Wyss said this new law closes the existing loophole by prohibiting voyeurs from taking indecent photos or video of a person without his or her consent while in a public area.

“These types of crimes are examples of how technology can outpace state and federal laws,” Wyss said. “I am pleased to know Indiana’s voyeurism law is now more comprehensive and includes provisions that protect Hoosiers in both private and public places.”

Wyss said SEA 19 will be effective July 1.

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