The elusive Tommy Schrader?

Tommy Schrader screen capture

The elusive Tommy Schrader?

WANE-15 is reporting that Democrat Tommy Schrader is missing and further…

[…] But no one seems to know where he is, or who he is. His party has never seen or spoke to him before.

The following video is from February 18, 2011, when Schrader changed the race he’d filed in originally, the City Clerk race, to the City Council At-Large race.  This was the deadline for filing and this footage was shot shortly before that noon deadline.




The reporter of the current story, Aishah Hasnie was not at the Election Board that morning, but rather another reporter was.  A new reporter to our area, I might add.

I do feel there were a couple of facts or questions omitted from the story, or at least I feel they’re omissions.

First, how does one get on the ballot for either party without that party’s knowledge?  I’ve heard more than a few times, stories of Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steve Shine signing off on a candidate.  In fact, this was much talked about in regards to Tom Freistroffer’s run this year as a Republican, when in the past he’d run as a Democrat.  Perhaps the Democrats do it differently?  It would have been an interesting question for Kevin Knuth – any comments Kevin?

Second, the story made no mention of the fact that Schrader filed for the City Clerk race on February 3, 2011, then withdraw from that race to file in the At-Large race on the 18th.

Third, the story makes no mention of the fact that Schrader ran in the 2010 3rd Congressional District race against Dr. Tom Hayhurst.  In that race, Hayhurst took 5,003 or 86.69% of the vote while Schrader picked off 768 votes or 13.31%.

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  1. Steve –
    Only those candidates who have voted in another party’s prior primary need to get a ‘waiver’ from the party chairperson.
    Otherwise, anyone who has identified with a particular party in the last primary in which that person voted – or who does not have a primary voting record – may file a declaration of candidacy to run for a nomination for that particular party.

  2. I saw Tommy Schrader crossing Goshen Rd near Coliseum Blvd heading towards a motel about 2 weeks ago. I did a double take after hearing about him on WANE.


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