Despite poll results, Liz Brown knows there is work to be done

Liz Brown campaign sign.

News release from the Liz Brown for Mayor campaign:

Despite Poll Results, Liz Brown Knows There is Work to be Done
Slight Lead Won’t Change Brown’s Campaign Strategy of Grassroots Outreach

Today, The Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics released polling data for the Republican Mayoral Primary election. The results indicate Republican Liz Brown has a slight lead with 41.3% of poll respondents stating they are planning on voting for Liz Brown.

Brown commented, “While the data shows I have a small lead, the only poll that matters is Election Day. I am proud of my grassroots campaign which includes thousands of volunteers and supporters across this City. My volunteers and supporters know, as do I, that we must continue to work hard until the last poll closes on May 3rd. I believe my message of limited government, reducing government spending and creating a fiscally responsible plan of saving our Light Lease Fund is resonating with Fort Wayne voters. This message, along with my record as a watchdog for the City’s taxpayers, is what Republican voters are looking for in their Republican nominee for Mayor. I look forward to meeting and talking with as many voters as I can in the last six days of this campaign as we go full speed towards Election Day.”


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