5th District Candidate Night – 4/27/2011

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There is a City Council 5th District Candidate Forum Wednesday evening, April 27, 2011.

An e-mail from the organizers:

Wednesday, April 27th, at 7pm in Eicher Hall on the (still) Taylor Campus our charming neighborhood, along with Illsley, West Foster Park and Southwood Park, will offer a Candidates’ Night to you.

Tim Pape, our neighbor and twelve-year veteran of city council, has decided to step down. He will be greatly missed. But, there are a group of Democrats and one lone Republican who wish to assume his seat on council.

They will join us in Eicher next Wednesday to answer questions and mingle with the assembled multitudes.

Over the past two year I have attended almost every council meeting and have come to understand the important role a council member can play in matters mundane and significant, from barking dogs to drainage, to multi-million dollar bonds, to the quality of the water we drink. This matters. You have a vote.

Pose your question for use by our moderator, Adrienne Maurer, by writing to fifthdistrictforum@yahoo.com.

The main entrance to Eicher is to the east of the grand columns. There will be a second entrance on the south side of Eicher.

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