Democrat walkout 100 percent funded by unions

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Statement from Eric Holcomb, Indiana Republican Party Chairman:

Democrat walkout 100 percent funded by unions
Indiana Democrat Party Received $139,000 from Unions During Walkout

(INDIANAPOLIS, April 19, 2011) – The most recent campaign finance filing by the Indiana Democrat Party shows what we knew all along: special interest unions footed the entire bill for House Democrats’ thirty-six day self-imposed exile.

Spokespeople for the Indiana Democrat Party, including Chairman Dan Parker, repeatedly refused to answer media questions regarding the source of contributions to the committee during the walkout.

Now, according to public filings we know the truth. The entire $84,953.70 hotel bill at the Comfort Suites Urbana was paid for unions – many of them out-of-state – that contributed a whopping $139,000 during the five-week walkout.

“What were Democrats hiding from? The truth,” said Indiana Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb. “The proof is now in writing. Democrats were not only fighting for narrow special interests, but were also bankrolled by those same entities. Their walkout wasn’t focused on helping Hoosiers. Their walkout was focused on keeping the status quo.”

The relevant pages of the finance filing are accessible here.

Fast Facts
[list type=”black”]
[li]Contributions from Unions During Walkout: $139,000[/li]
[li]Contributions from Out-of-State Unions During Walkout: $112,000[/li]
[li]Percentage of Contributions from Out-of-State Unions During Walkout: 80[/li]
[li]Percentage of Total Contributions from Unions During First Quarter: 42[/li]
[li]Hotel Bill at Comfort Suites Urbana: $84,953.70[/li]

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