Republican Mayoral candidate Liz Brown files campaign finance report early

Liz Brown campaign sign.

News release from the Liz Brown for Mayor campaign:

Republican Mayoral Candidate Liz Brown Files Campaign Finance Report Early

(April 13, 2011) – Although the deadline for municipal candidates to file pre-primary campaign finance reports is not until April 15, 2011, Republican Mayoral Candidate Liz Brown filed her finance report today with the Allen County Election Board. Brown’s finance report was filed ahead of schedule and on budget.

“As I predicted in January, my campaign will not need to raise or equal the huge sums of money my opponents claim to be necessary to run an effective, successful campaign. Municipal primary elections in the City of Fort Wayne are about meeting and talking with the voters – not saturating the airways with television commercials or stuffing mailboxes with large numbers of mailings. While I have raised sufficient funds to communicate my message through paid advertising, my primary method of communicating my vision for the City of Fort Wayne – talking with residents one on one – does not cost a single penny. I feel confident my campaign has raised the funds necessary to be victorious on Election Day”

“I set a budget for this campaign that I believed would allow me to win the Republican nomination; we are on track as we enter the final weeks. No doubt my campaign budget is the smallest of the top three Republican candidates. However, as my tenure on City Council has proven, I understand budgeting and how to spend money conservatively – the same way residents expect their tax dollars be spent for government services.”


You can download a copy of her finance report here and an amended copy here.


Liz Brown for Mayor campaign website


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