ABC Mayoral Endorsement of Hughes

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News release from Associated Builders & Contractors of Indiana:

ABC Mayoral Endorsement
Associated Builders & Contractors of Indiana, Inc.
Northeast Council
Supports Paula Hughes for Mayor

(April 3, 2011) – The Northeast Council of Associated Builders & Contractors of Indiana, Inc. (ABC) is formally endorsing Paula Hughes in the Fort Wayne mayoral race.

“The merit shop pay pledge by candidate Hughes is a very real way of putting taxpayers first and this cost saving potential is something that our members see every day on public contracts” says Chuck Henry (President of Henry Electric and officer of Associated Builders and Contractors).

ABC members play a key role in the commercial construction industry in Fort Wayne. ABC members include 7 of the top 10 electrical contractors, 4 of the 6 roofing contractors, one third of the top plumbing contractors and half of the top eight general contractors.

ABC is a professional trade association representing commercial and industrial contractors which encourages open competition and a free enterprise approach to construction based solely on merit, regardless of labor affiliation.

ABC values the highest levels of personal and corporate standards of behavior characterized by responsibility, accountability and integrity, with demonstrated personal and industry professionalism by all participants.


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