Water Filtration Plant receives award for Engineering Excellence

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News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Water Filtration Plant Receives Award for Engineering Excellence

(March 22, 2011) – The City’s commitment to safe drinking water and water for fire protection, symbolized by the Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant, has received an award for recent projects to increase the plant’s reliability. The project to replace the original 1930’s era pumps and electrical facilities with modern and more efficient equipment has been recognized by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) in Indiana for Engineering Excellence.

The ACEC recognized the City and its design and construction partners because of their ability to keep the plant on-line and producing top quality water throughout a very complex construction project.

“From the engineering and construction perspective, it was the extensive planning and construction sequencing that made this project a success,” says Mark Gensic of Fort Wayne City Utilities Planning and Design group. “Making great water is a 24-7 responsibility that Fort Wayne takes very seriously. We had to maintain electrical systems at the plant while replacing electrical equipment, cables and pumps.”

The award also honors the project for maintaining the spirit of the Collegiate Gothic design used on the original water filtration plant and subsequent buildings. Built by local craftsmen and faced with Indiana limestone, the new building continues the tradition of the water plant serving as a downtown Fort Wayne landmark, set at the confluence of the City’s three rivers. The project’s effort to maintain the architectural integrity of the existing plant design previously received an ARCHIE award from, ARCH Fort Wayne’s historic preservation organization.

“One of our community’s highest priorities is providing residents with great drinking water and fire protection. A reliable water plant is also essential for attracting and retaining businesses,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “This is a great outcome for a very challenging project that and I’m pleased to see our design and construction team being honored for this achievement.”

The electrical system and pump replacement project was identified in a 2002 water utility master plan and was part of a $20 million investment to ensure that the plant can always provide reliable water pressure and quantity for fire fighting and high quality drinking water to meet the needs of the utility’s 250,000 customers.

Design and construction partners include Donohue Associates, Schenkel Shultz Architecture, Hagerman Construction and Indiana Michigan Power.

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