Indiana GOP launches logo.

News release from the Indiana Republican Party:

Indiana GOP Launches

Indiana Democrats have been less than transparent lately demanding behind-closed-doors negotiations and refusing to disclose who or what is contributing to the Indiana Democrat Party to fund the House Democrats’ Urbana exile.

The Indiana Republican Party, on the other hand, is upping the ante with a new transparency website to answer the oft repeated question, “Where in the world are Indiana House Democrats?”

On – a brand new website launched today – you can track exactly where the exiled Democrats reside and hide by simply clicking the link. Keeping tabs on Indiana’s striking Democrat legislators was never so easy.

Each day the website will be updated with the latest information concerning the whereabouts of AWOL Democrats including recent border crossings, sightings, upcoming town halls and field trips throughout Illinois.

So if you’ve been wondering how often Representative Battles has slipped back across the border to Indiana or when Reps. Klinker or Riecken will be hold their next town hall click on – your one-stop shop to locate Democrat representatives since they can’t be reached at their office at the Statehouse.

We all know Indiana’s House Democrats should be at the Statehouse working, but instead have followed their minority leader for the past month hiding out in Urbana, taking trips to museums, giving out-of-state lectures, testifying at the Illinois Statehouse and slipping back to Indiana on the weekends when the House isn’t in session. Now Hoosier taxpayers can follow them with this new interactive transparency website and encourage them to end their strike against Hoosier taxpayers and get back to work.

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