Lugar still ‘wear’y on Libya

News release from US Senator Richard Lugar:

Lugar still ‘wear’y on Libya

Senator Lugar went on Face the Nation today to again publicly say that if we’re going to war with Libya we ought to have a declaration of war by the Congress. Specifically, before we go to war we ought to have a plan for what is going to proceed and what the outcome is and what we anticipate to occur.

We must concentrate on this now because we are looking in these same days at similar stories in Bahrain and Yemen and even Syria is reported to be shooting people in one part of the country.

Tunisia and Egypt set off a situation throughout the Middle East in which people who are resisting their governments have decided to go after them. Bob Schieffer asked Senator Lugar if we can handle the idea that all of these other countries might call on us now after acting in Libya?

Lugar again stated this is the question we must determine. Recent polls have said most Americans don’t want us involved in all these issues.

We must get this straight from the beginning or there’s going to be a situation in which wars linger on country after country, situation after situation, all of them on a humane basis.




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