Downtown water mains being flushed to remove blue tint

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News release from Fort Wayne City Utilities:

Downtown Water Mains Being Flushed to Remove Blue Tint
Water is Safe for Consumption

Some Fort Wayne water utility customers downtown and in near west side neighborhoods may have noticed a blue cast to their tap water this afternoon and early evening. The blue coloring was the result of a dye used by a contractor to test a water main for leaks.

The dye is FDA certified food grade. Fort Wayne’s water quality was not harmed. The water was and remains safe for human consumption.

In order to clear the water system of any remaining dye, City Utilities has been flushing pipes by opening fire hydrants and allowing the water to run. Water mains are expected to be completely clear by morning.

Customers who experienced tap water with a blue tint may want to turn on their water faucets to clear the tint from their house plumbing.

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