Allen County Treasurer’s office goes green

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News release from the Allen County Treasurer, Susan Orth:

Allen County Treasurer’s Office Goes Green

(March 7, 2011) – The Allen County Treasurer, Susan Orth, today announced that Allen County property taxpayers can now receive their tax bills electronically.

“We are very excited to be the first county in the state of Indiana to develop and offer this service in house.” Says Orth, “Electronic tax bills save tax dollars, reduce paper use and are very convenient.”

There are other benefits to using E-billing; traditional paper tax bills are mailed once per year with both the spring and fall payment stubs attached. Sometimes, taxpayers forget they have to pay the fall portion or lose the fall bill. With E-billing, you will receive both a spring and fall notice that your bills are available. Those who choose E-bills will also receive their bills about two weeks earlier than the mailed bills and can still pay by traditional payment methods or, at the time they get their bill, can select a free electronic payment option.

“This is a double win for taxpayers. ” Orth says “We cut down on paper which is good for our environment and we save tax dollars by not having to print so many bills, which is good for all of us.” Orth explains that it costs Allen County $ .57 to print, stuff and mail a paper bill. Last year, the Treasurer’s office mailed over 180,000 paper bills. “If just 10 percent of the people who received paper bills last year would sign up for E-bills, we’d save taxpayers over $10,000.”

To sign up for E-billing you simply go the Treasurer’s website at and click the link for electronic billing. You will be directed to the sign up site and can choose the tax bills you wish to receive electronically. As with all property taxes it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to pay their taxes and taxpayers will want to be sure to enter a valid email address and keep that address up to date for future bills.

For questions about electronic tax bills, tax bill payment options, or other related information please contact the Treasurer’s office at 260-449-7693 or email


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