2011 Commerical Façade Grants

On March 3, 2011, a news conference was held to announce the recipients of the City of Fort Wayne’s Commercial Façade Grants for 2011.




News release:

Third year of Mayor’s Commercial Façade Grants to bring more than $1 million of investment into corridors
Efforts Will Enhance Neighborhoods Throughout the City

(March 3, 2011) – Thirteen businesses along busy corridors in Fort Wayne will be getting makeovers of a sort, courtesy of the City’s commercial façade program. “It’s the economics of first impression. Improving our neighborhood main streets makes a difference and will strengthen our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Tom Henry.

Mayor Henry announced today the 13 recipients for the third annual Commercial Façade Grants. The City’s $220,000 in matching funds could result in close to $1 million when coupled with private investment throughout Fort Wayne.

“Seeing this program continue to be popular and effective shows me it’s doing what we wanted when we began three years ago: bringing vitality and energy to our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Henry. “We continue to build on the success of the past. One of the great strengths of the commercial façade program is the diverse types of businesses and organizations that have received matching funds to make their visions a reality. This year we’ve selected projects ranging from this planned rehabilitated retail space to assisting restaurants, an automotive center, a florist, a specialty grocery store, and many other businesses throughout the community.”

The mayor went on to say the Commercial Façade Grant program is not only a great example of public-private partnerships, but is a stimulus for the local economy, bringing jobs and investment at each location.

The program requires a minimum of a dollar-for-dollar match for exterior improvements to businesses in Economic Development Target Areas but it’s believed businesses will contribute more and the total investment will be about $1 million. “In the first two years of the program we’ve found that business owners are investing more than required, some even four times the grant amount,” said Mayor Henry.

This year’s projects will receive grants ranging from $2,750 to $40,000 and will include lighting, signage, landscaping, parking, sidewalks and many other improvements. The City’s Community Development Division received 22 applications late last year for the 2011 program.

Community Development staff are evaluating the selected projects using best practices for neighborhood-friendly aesthetics plus identifying any cost efficiencies to maximize the investment.

The City will reimburse grant recipients after the work is finished.


Grant recipients and amounts:

[list type=”black”]
[li]The Terrell Company (The Philmore on Broadway) at 2451 Broadway – $40,000.00[/li]
[li]Broadway Unlimited LLC at 2042 Broadway – $20,000.00[/li]
[li]Come As you Are at 7910 Anthony – $35,000.00[/li]
[li]Broadway Corridor, LLC at 2441 Broadway – $16,500.00[/li]
[li]The Philmore-storage at 2443 Broadway – $5,000.00[/li]
[li]Albright Meats and Deli at 4924 Calhoun – $28,779.34[/li]
[li]Southern Heights at 4001 S. Anthony – $20,000.00[/li]
[li]Little Burma Asian Grocery at 3230 Calhoun – $20,000.00[/li]
[li]Hires Automotive at 7111 Anthony – $2,750.00[/li]
[li]Old House Galleries at 701 & 715 Columbia – $9,433.00[/li]
[li]International Expressions at 3415 Fairfield – $11,625.00[/li]
[li]Lanternier-Vesey Flower at 2329 Crescent – $3,950.00[/li]
[li]King Gyros at 814 Goshen – $16,412.25[/li]

Total – $220,670.25


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