Hughes Statement on Light-Lease Settlement

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Statement from the Paula Hughes before her news conference:

Hughes Statement on Light-Lease Settlement

Statement from Paula Hughes regarding usage of Light-Lease settlement: “I have been clear on the best way to use the light-lease settlement dollars to preserve our community and get Fort Wayne on the road to financial peace. Other candidates want to spend or ‘invest’ these dollars while I believe we should be paying down our growing city debt. I am the only candidate that has been consistent on this issue.”


Liz Brown on Light Lease Settlement

When first elected to city council, Councilwoman Brown said that we need to begin the discussion and form a “strategic planning committee” to spend the light-lease money.

“She Said TheCouncil Should Also Begin A Discussion Of How To Use The City’s Light-LeaseTrust Fund ‘So We’re Ready To Do Something When It Becomes Available To Us.'” (Benjamin Lanka, “Solemnly, We Swear,” The Journal Gazette,1/2/08)


Liz Brown Said She Was Interested In Forming A Committee To Figure Out How To Spend TheLight-Lease Money In Two Years.

Q: “Do you have any proposals for the council to consider?
A: I am interested in … starting a strategic planning committee to look into the use of the City Light Lease and how we’re going to look at those dollars and spend them in two years. I think we need to start sooner rather than later on that.” (“5 Questions For: Liz Brown,” The Journal Gazette, 1/13/08)


When Councilwoman Brown announced her candidacy for Mayor of Fort Wayne, she said she’d use the light-lease dollars for major economic development projects.

“Brown Said SheThinks The Money Should Be Used For Major Economic Development Projects; Local Businesses Should Have A Strong Role In Advising The City How Best To Use The Money.” (Bob Caylor, “Liz Brown Sets Sights On Mayor’s Office,” TheNews-Sentinel,, 12/3/10)


In January, Councilwoman Brown said that light-lease money should be used to pay down city debt.

Liz BrownAdvocated Saving The Light Lease Money To Pay Off Debt. “Brown also advocates for saving the money. She doesn’t believethat Mayor Henry’s new Light Lease Task Force is the proper step for the city.She says that the group is planning to spend money when it is obvious debtshould be paid off first.” (Max Resnik, “MayoralCandidates Know How They’d Use Light Lease Money,”, 1/14/11)

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  1. Paula gets my vote on this issue! Pay down some of the present (& near future) debt related to the “business” part of city government i.e.: City Utilities!

    Board of Works members – Are you listening???


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