Cardiovascular Surgeons of Indiana/Ohio Heart join Lutheran Medical Group

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News release from the Lutheran Medical Group:

Cardiovascular Surgeons of Indiana/Ohio Heart Officially Join Lutheran Medical Group

(March 4, 2011) – Leadership from Indiana/Ohio Heart and Lutheran Health Network announced today that the renowned surgical practice has officially joined Lutheran Medical Group. The addition of IOH brings a formal affiliation of seven seasoned surgeons to the Lutheran Health Network family.

“The Indiana/Ohio Heart team has been instrumental in the development of the Lutheran Heart Center as we know it today,” said Joe Dorko, CEO, Lutheran Health Network. “The first coronary care unit, the first heart transplant and numerous other regional, state and world firsts can be traced back to early members of IOH, cardiologists and administrators who were committed to improving cardiac care. Our partnership with IOH continues to make it possible for us to provide a strong heart and kidney transplant program and remain a cardiac leader.”

Physicians joining LMG include: Alan C. Peterson, MD; Joseph S. Ladowski, MD; William P. Deschner, MD; Bruce A. Hook, MD; Christopher A. Danby, MD; Vincent A. Scavo Jr., MD; and A. Tarik Kizilisik, MD.

Founding member of IOH, August Tomusk, MD, performed the first coronary artery bypass in northern Indiana in 1970. Dr. Tomusk’s pioneering achievement established the heart surgery program at Lutheran Hospital and formed the beginning of what became Indiana/Ohio Heart.

Dr. Kizilisik performed the region’s first kidney transplant in June 2007, adding to IOH’s strong history of leadership in cardiovascular surgery.


IOH Approach to Patient Care

The patient treatment philosophy of IOH focuses on the individual. Physicians of IOH believe complex problems and serious cardiac, vascular, and thoracic illnesses require coordinated efforts from numerous qualified physicians and support personnel. For optimal surgical care, IOH created professional surroundings where patients are likely to meet with many members of the IOH team.

Today, IOH cares for patients at several regional facilities including Lutheran and St. Joseph hospitals.


Lutheran Medical Group caregivers specialize in 16 areas of expertise including allergy, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, electrophysiology, endocrinology/diabetes, family medicine, gastroenterology, general surgery, hospitalist, infectious disease, internal medicine, occupational medicine, pediatric specialties, pulmonology, rheumatology and transplant surgery. LMG also takes part in numerous research studies and offers an array of diagnostic services. Learn more at

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