Special Prosecutor connection to Fort Wayne

Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White, photo taken June 10, 2009.

I’m not sure if our local media has made the connection or not, but the Special Prosecutor in Charlie White’s case is from Columbia City – Dan Sigler.

If you’re thinking you’ve heard his name before, you’re right. Mr. Sigler was also the Special Prosecutor appointed to look into the Matt Kelty affair almost four years ago and who ultimately was successful in gaining several felony convictions against Kelty. Sigler has a good, solid reputation of prosecuting cases involving wrong doing by public officials and prosecuting them to their fullest extent possible.

From the WTHR website:

Dan Sigler, the special prosecutor appointed to the case, says White “engaged in a course of conduct to deceive the voters, the Town of Fishers, the people who were going to elect him and by the story he has given, it’s somewhat of a moving target as to where did he live and when did he live there.”

From Indy 6 news:

“Basically, if you look at the entire indictment, what it says is he engaged in a course of conduct to deceive the voters, to deceive the town of Fishers,” said Special Prosecutor Dan Sigler. “The more serious charge of fraud on a financial institution has to do with representations he made when securing a mortgage loan.”



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  1. I believe Mr. Sigler is also the special prosecutor who prosecuted Win Moses when he was mayor. Moses was actually removed from office for campaign fraud. Because, slick as he is, he didn’t plead guilty to a felony, Moses was reinstated as mayor when the local Democratic party held a meeting to appoint his replacement. Cozzie Simon filled in has mayor for 2 weeks (our first woman mayor) until the deed was done. Sigler never dreamed Moses would be reappointed mayor – he didn’t make that mistake with Kelty – Kelty was convicted of a felony and as such can’t run for public office. As Steven Wright said “It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to have to paint it”.


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