22 firms submit bids for CCB renovation work

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Media release from the Allen County Board of Commissioners:

22 Firms Submit Bids for CCB Renovation Work
Recommendations to be made to Commissioners March 11

There is no shortage of interest among firms wanting to be involved with the renovation of the County-owned City-County Building.

22 businesses submitted bids for a variety of work that’s to be done during the course of the project. The bids were opened today by the County’s Purchasing Department.

Contractors bid on packages for flooring, painting, mechanical, electrical, drywall and general trade work. Only base bids on each package were announced at today’s opening since each package contains a variety of alternatives which could be added to the base.

The Purchasing Department will tabulate the bids for each package and the results will be posted Monday on the City of Fort Wayne’s online bid site (https://bidding.cityoffortwayne.org). Recommendations are expected to be presented to the Board of Commissioners by its March 11 legislative session.

Separate bids for the abatement of asbestos-containing materials at the CCB were opened yesterday. That work will be done during the course of the renovation project.

The renovation of the City-County Building is expected to start later this spring and last until next winter. A number of City and County government offices – including the Mayor and County Commissioners – will move from the CCB to the former Renaissance Square Building owned by the City once renovation work there is finished. The CCB will be converted to serve as a headquarters for City and County police as well as housing County offices such as Auditor, Recorder, Treasurer, County Assessor and Wayne Township Assessor.

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