‘Won’t You Come Home, Pat Bauer?’ – The Song!

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Media release from the Indiana State Republican Party:

Won’t You Come Home, Pat Bauer? The Song

(INDIANAPOLIS – February 28, 2011) – Aiming Higher PAC today began airing two commercials in markets across the state urging House Democrats to get back to work – in Indiana.

“Democrats have been AWOL, wasting over $100,000 of Hoosiers’ hard earned money while holed up at a hotel in Illinois, for nearly a week,” said Indiana Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb. “It’s time for them to stop subverting the democratic process and come back to do the people’s business.”

Holcomb continued, “Hoosier children deserve better; their educations are at stake. Hoosier taxpayers deserve more; their tax dollars are being wasted. Citizens all over the state are demanding that lawmakers get back to work and deal with the agenda that Hoosier voters overwhelmingly supported last November.”

The reason for their walkout is no longer on the table. But that hasn’t stopped Democrats from issuing ultimatum after ultimatum from their hotel in Urbana. The lawmakers have made their point and now it’s time to get on with the people’s business.

That is the theme of radio ads currently airing in various markets around the state.


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Won’t you come home Pat Bauer
Won’t you come home

You’ve been a bad bad boy

You took your public paycheck
You took our reps
And ran to Illinois

Remember the last election
We threw you out
The law is not your toy
You’re not paid to shirk
Get on back to work

Pat Bauer won’t you please come home

Hey House Democrats, you have a right to your say and a right to vote no, but no right to tear up the democratic process just because the election didn’t go your way. So come on back to work and stay there til the job’s done.

Paid for by Aiming Higher PAC.


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Hoosiers spoke in November
and elected Representatives who would do the people’s business.

But now, Indiana House Democrats have fled the State House
and refuse to do their jobs – yet they’re still getting paid!

A balanced budget, improvements in education,
and an automatic tax refund are all in jeopardy.

If you’re outraged by State House Democrats
call them at 1-800-382-9842.

Tell them to stand up to their boss from South Bend
and get back to work.

You have to show up to get paid, why shouldn’t they?

Paid for by Aiming Higher PAC

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