Hoosier taxpayers went to work yesterday, while House Democrats went into hiding

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News release from the Indiana Republican Party:

Hoosier Taxpayers Went to Work Today, While House Democrats Went Into Hiding

(INDIANAPOLIS, February 22, 2011) – Rather than fulfill their duties as representatives of Hoosier taxpayers, Democrats in the Indiana House went into hiding today in an effort to stop legislation they don’t agree with from passing, according to reports. An Indianapolis Star headline reads, “House Democrats flee Indiana to stop votes.” Indiana Republican Party State Chairman Eric Holcomb released the following statement:

“Millions of Hoosiers got up and went to work this morning, why couldn’t House Democrats do the same? The people of Indiana elected their representatives to introduce, debate and vote on legislation, not hide from their duties. Speaker Bosma started the session with a bipartisan olive branch, only to see the favor returned by Democrats skirting the duties they were elected to do. If they didn’t want to do their job they shouldn’t have run for office in the first place. Hoosiers deserve better from the public servants they hired.”

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