Holcomb: Democrats holed up in Illinois: day 2

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News release from the Indiana Republican Party:

Democrats Holed Up in Illinois: Day 2

For a second day, Indiana House Democrats remained holed up in an out-of-state hotel.

“It’s understandable why Pat Bauer chose to flee to Illinois, I’m sure he is more comfortable in the land of recent income tax hikes, unnecessary regulations and out of control spending. After all, in 2005, Bauer left us all a bankrupted state in worse fiscal condition than even Illinois at the time. More recently, it was then-Speaker Bauer and his members who tried to spend billions we didn’t have during our last budget writing session,” said Indiana Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb.

“Now Bauer’s latest stunt is another sad reminder that he will continue to protect his special interest allies over the interests of Hoosier taxpayers. Because Democrats are refusing to fulfill their duties to their constituents, we risk not passing bills that will protect taxpayers, make government more efficient, and provide low and middle income families with increased educational options for their children. Bauer’s consistent style is in part why his caucus continues to shrink”, Holcomb said.

“If they disagree with legislation presented, Indiana House Democrats have a duty to show up and vote no. There is a process and it doesn’t include quitting or walking off the job. Speaker Bosma in an unprecedented way has bent over backwards to include Democrat member participation and Senator David Long is proving that the democratic process does work.”

Holcomb added, “Taxpayers will not stand for Indiana House Democrats getting paid to shop in Illinois when they should be at work in Indiana. They need to get home now and do the job they were elected to do.”

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