Redevelopment Commission interviews

The Harrison logo.

I spoke with several Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission members after Monday’s meeting.

Harrison Square was the main item on the agenda.

Chris Schoen of Barry Real Estate had given Redevelopment Director Greg Leatherman two checks totaling some $70,000 for ‘extension’ payments to allow Barry more time to present a plan for building The Harrison.  The Redevelopment Commission discussed whether or not to return the checks to Barry as they have now presented the Commission with proof of financing for the project.  The Commission debated the matter deciding to ‘follow good faith with good faith’ and return the checks.  Many on the Commission felt Barry needed the two week extension more because of a timing issue on the Commission’s part than any fault of their own.

After the meeting, we spoke with Commissioner Casey Cox and president Christopher Guerin as well as Redevelopment Director Greg Leatherman about the announcement earlier in the day as well as decision to return the checks.








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