5th District City Council race takes an interesting turn

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The Fort Wayne City Council’s 5th District race has been a lively one the last 5 days.

First, after no word from incumbent Democrat Tim Pape, an e-mail appeared in the early hours last Thursday.  In the e-mail was included an eloquent statement from Pape which basically said he was not seeking another term.  Hours later, Democrat Geoff Paddock sent an email to the media and supporters stating he was considering a possible run and would decide over the next couple of days.

The next day, last Friday, Paddock sent another e-mail that he was filing that afternoon.  Shortly after he filed, Democrats Richard Cline and Maye Johnson both filed for a spot on the ballot.

Today, Ben Hall filed as a Republican in the May primary election for this race.  This is the same Ben Hall that is the General Manager of the popular downtown Gas House Restaurant.

Republican Jim Mc Coy who had filed to run in the primary has decided not to run.  He confirmed this in an e-mail sent to the local media:

The 5th District City Council races have taken some interesting turns. I had planned on running against Tim Pape, who I had a realistic chance of narrowly defeating. Then he decided to not run, opening up the Democrat slot to one who is likely a stronger candidate than himself.

Today, Ben Hall filed to run in the Republican primary.

Rather than expend valuable resources on a hotly contested primary, and possibly get into a general election where I have doubts about winning, I have chosen to withdraw from the Republican primary.

I believe that Ben Hall has a better chance of winning the general election. In joining his campaign, I am allowing him to focus his resources on the general election starting now. As I essentially said in my announcement at the Downtown GOP Club; I am not making a concession speech here today; I am starting the round of victory speeches. I’m not taking my ball and quitting the game, I am playing a different position on the winning team.

I am asking the Republican Party and the voters of the 5th District to support Ben Hall for City Council.

In the mean time, I can continue to serve the party by focusing on my duties as Chairman of the Audit and Budget Committee.

So, it stands as Republican Ben Hall will face either Democrat Richard Cline, Maye Johnson or Geoff Paddock in November – unless another enters the race.

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