Pet First Aid Class

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Media release from Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control:

Pet First Aid Class

(February 7, 2011) – Animal Care & Control will hold a Pet First Aid class on Sunday, March 20 from 12-4 p.m. in the education center located at 3020 Hillegas Road. The $55 class fee includes classroom materials, a dog or cat First Aid manual with DVD designed to build skills and provide guidance in emergency situations until veterinary care is available. Learn to respond to emergencies with instructor Beth Tropp who will share her experiences in emergency animal care. Enroll by calling 260-427-5508.

Topics Include:

[list type=”BW”]
[li]Urgent care situations, including wounds, electrical shock, eye, paw, and ear injuries and bandaging techniques[/li]
[li]Administering medications[/li]
[li]Managing breathing or cardiac emergencies[/li]
[li]CPR using dog and cat manikins[/li]
[li]Preparing for disasters[/li]
[li]Symptoms and care for common ailments and emergencies[/li]
[li]Creating a pet First Aid kit[/li]
[li]Preventative care to maintain your pet’s health and well-being[/li]

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