HB 1337

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The bill on the above flyer, HB 1332 should have been HB 1337.

The digest of the bill reads:


Teacher contracts. Extends the use of temporary teacher contracts to hiring for positions funded by grants. Establishes a process for contract cancellation for teachers. Provides that a collective bargaining agreement (agreement) may not include provisions that limit a school employer’s ability to restructure schools that do not meet federal or state accountability standards, or that limit a school employer’s ability to enter into programs that offer postsecondary credit or dual credits to students. Provides that an agreement may not extend beyond the end of a state budget biennium. Prohibits certain subjects from being bargained collectively, and provides that prohibited subjects and items that lead to deficit financing may not be included in an agreement. Removes provisions concerning discussion subjects. Provides that collective bargaining begins not later than May 1, and makes corresponding changes to related sections. Provides that a school employer may end a status quo period. Provides that if a complaint that is filed alleging an unfair practice is found to be frivolous, the complaining party is liable for costs and attorney’s fees. Repeals provisions concerning contract cancellation for teachers, the Indiana education employment relations board, certain definitions, a provision allowing the statutory procedures for refusing to continue or canceling a teacher contract to be modified by an agreement, staff performance evaluation, and subjects of discussion, and makes conforming changes to related sections.

Current Status:  In Committee – first House

Latest Printing of the bill

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