House Republicans: Promoting Job Creation

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An e-mail from the Indiana House Republicans:

House Republicans: Promoting Job Creation

(Indianapolis, January 31, 2011) – Even though our unemployment rate has recently dropped to 9.5%, there is much to be done to help promote job creation within our state. One of the many economic development bills that House Republicans have introduced is House Bill 1006, an entrepreneurship and small business bill.

The bill would set up a one-stop-shop within the Secretary of State’s Office for Hoosiers to establish a business. They would have the opportunity to register with state agencies and obtain all the necessary permits and licenses required for the business. In addition the bill would promote entrepreneurship and small business growth, which falls directly into the House Republican Caucus’ Strengthen Indiana plan to promote Hoosier job creation.

HB1006 would also require the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), in conjunction with the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), to develop curriculum guides for high school entrepreneurship classes based on successful entrepreneurship practices. Furthermore, the bill would require the CHE to examine entrepreneurship programs in state universities.

“It can be very challenging and overwhelming to start a new business,” said Rep. Crouch, the author of the bill. “With the numerous agencies you have to register with, and all the forms to fill out, it can be very confusing, especially for those that do not have the legal knowledge that large businesses have. This bill would make the process easier and help build that entrepreneurial inspiration and know-how in Hoosiers at an early age.”

In the past, the manufacturing sector has been a large source of jobs in Indiana. As the state continues forward, however, Hoosier graduates will be presented with fewer opportunities to go straight into a high paying job, making a highly educated workforce an integral part in bringing these high paying jobs to the state.

Other states like South Carolina already have a one-stop-shop in place. The South Carolina Business One Stop (SCBOS) website has been used to create over 30,000 businesses and has saved users over $18.5 million. Furthermore, it cut the wait time for permits, licenses and other registrations in half, and 97% of users said that they would gladly use the website again.

“Our job is to create the right atmosphere and environment for creation of private sector jobs,” said Speaker Bosma (R-Indianapolis).
HB 1006 will be heard in the Commerce, Small Business, and Economic Development Committee on Thursday. The bill is authored by Rep. Crouch (R-Evansville), Rep. Truitt (R-W. Lafayette), and Rep. Reske (D- Pendleton).

In order to follow the progress of this bill, or other bills for this legislative session, click here.

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