OEM Micro Solutions celebrates longstanding relationship with FWPD

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OEM Micro Solutions celebrates longstanding relationship with Fort Wayne Police Department
OEM Micro anticipates ten year anniversary in the public safety industry with initial client, Fort Wayne Police Department

(January 11, 2011) – OEM Micro Solutions (www.oemmicro.com) celebrates nine years in the public safety technology industry with their first and largest client, the Fort Wayne, Indiana Police Department. OEM Micro Solutions has been providing public safety agencies with advanced mobile electronic systems including mobile computers and digital video systems since 2001 when Fort Wayne became the first customer.

The relationship began when OEM Micro Solutions was tasked by the Fort Wayne Police Department to develop a mobile tactical computer that would out perform other ‘off the shelf’ solutions. What the Fort Wayne PD was looking for were subtle enhancements that would correlate to better usability and safety for their police officers. OEM Micro embraced the challenge whole-heartedly and, in hindsight, can now reference this ground-up approach as their largest competitive advantage.

“The Fort Wayne Police Department has been our mentor as we make our way through the law enforcement technology industry. We continue to strive towards excellence in our attempt to offer impeccable customer service. Their ongoing trust in our work has helped solidify our main goal to become known as the foundation of law enforcement technologies,” stated David Downs, President and CEO of OEM Micro Solutions.

After countless hours of research, analysis and collaboration, OEM Micro Solutions unveiled their first Mobile Tactical Computer (MTC) to the delight of the Fort Wayne Police Department. Since then, Fort Wayne purchased nearly 1300 units (an average of over 140 per year) of the MTC, and has helped create grass roots following for OEM Micro within the law enforcement community over the course of their relationship. After nine years of working together, OEM Micro has continually upheld their promise to provide the very best customer service and state of the art technology.

“Having information immediately at your fingertips is always a boon to law enforcement that enhances the safety of both the public and the officers. Recently the MTC has become even more useful, as it now serves as the primary conduit for information flowing from the cars for our automated vehicle location system,” explained Sergeant Stephanos Gersos with Information Systems and Technology for the Fort Wayne Police Department. “We have found OEM Micro to be very responsive and accommodating over the years. We’ve reached a comfort level with their MTC models that did not exist with previous in-car computers.”

OEM Micro prides itself on closely collaborating with their clients to customize solutions for communications, responsiveness, and safety. Their ISO9001:2008 company certification proves their venerable pledge for continual improvement in order to meet or exceed customer expectations. Prior to their work with Fort Wayne, OEM Micro focused on aerospace computers, factory automation, digital imaging and in-vehicle computers. The latest models of OEM Micro technology are the third generation Mobile Tactical Computer (MTC-3+) and second generation Mobile Digital Video System (MDVS-2), both of which are technically superior, rugged and highly customizable based upon the needs of each public safety client.


About OEM Micro Solution
OEM Micro provides public safety agencies with customizable advanced mobile electronic systems, including computers and digital video systems that are reliable, rugged and extremely capable under the most demanding circumstances. Headquartered in a modern 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Novi, Michigan, OEM Micro does all R&D and manufacturing in-house to ensure the highest level of quality control at each step in the manufacturing process. In addition to technical expertise, OEM Micro’s unyielding attention to customer service has created strong customer loyalty; most law enforcement agencies that purchase OEM Micro products stay with OEM Micro products. - www.oemmicro.com

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