Glynn Hines announcement

Fort Wayne City Councilman Glynn Hines announced today he will be seeking re-election to the 6th District seat.

Thus far, Hines, a Democrat, is unopposed in the May Primary Election.  No Republicans have as yet made announcements or filed paperwork to declare a campaign against him.




Text of the announcement:

Councilman Hines Announces Re-election Bid

I have selected today as the day to announce my intention to seek my 4th term as the city council representative for the 6th district of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The example of leadership demonstrated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has been a major influence on my motivation to seek and hold public office. Dr. King was able to build relationships which garnered results and not just symbolism and for the past 13 years on council we have developed bipartisan legislation which has allowed Southeast Fort Wayne to prosper. Southtown Mall became Southtown Centre because local and state ejected officials listened to Mayor Graham Richard, Tim Pape and I when we declared that Southtown was an eyesore and we needed to change that landscape.

Most recently we have witnessed the opening of the new multi-million Renaissance YMCA which will better serve the needs of adults and youth of the southeast quadrant. I was able to work with a very diverse group of YMCA board members and community leaders to spearhead the raising of over $ 4 million to get the project off the ground.

There are a number of major initiatives that we will champion starting in 2011 in order to improve the quality of life for citizens of Fort Wayne in general but particularly impact the residents of the 6th district.

  1. Bank On Fort Wayne was announced last year by Mayor Henry and I will work with Brent Waike, Mayor’s Office, who will take the lead on developing this economic development initiate. This program will benefit those citizens needing help to improve their economic status and become homeowners or more financially stable.
  2. Fort Wayne Disparities Study led by Deputy Mayor Beth Malloy will examine the many areas in government where women and minorities can eventually make gains in doing business with the city purchasing and consulting contracts.
  3. The Legacy Committee that was recently formed by the Mayor to brainstorm ideas of how to best utilize the $75 million from the Light-Lease fund, but it needs representation and inclusion of residents from the southeast quadrant.

I am therefore once again asking the great residents of the 6th district to re-elect me so we can continue do good in the neighborhoods.






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