Stutzman comments on Federal budget process

Press release from Indiana 3rd Congressional District Congressman Marlin Stutzman’s office:

Stutzman Shows Concerns for Continuing Budget Process

(Washington, DC) – Today the Congress took up debate on expanding federal spending. “It is important for the U.S. House to accomplish the duties they are assigned by the Constitution.” Every year the budget for the Federal government is decided and voted on by the Congress. The long process of appropriations begins and the government knows at the beginning of the Fiscal Year what to expect for the year. When the Fiscal Year arrives without a budget, it shows a disregard for the fundamental duties of the Congress. “If this Congress will not work to protect the American people from ever-growing expenditures and bring to the floor a budget with controlled spending then they must admit failure and allow the next Congress to act properly.”

The people deserve to have a government that lives within its means. It is now time to pass a short term ‘Continuing Resolution’ that will last until the 112th Congress begins. “A large ‘Omnibus’ bill which increases spending will only continue to put our Nation further into debt. We must control spending and not allow the debt ceiling to be increased. It is important to protect both the present and the future for generations to come.”

Congressman Stutzman represents the 3rd Congressional District of Indiana. The 3rd District contains all of DeKalb, Kosciusko, Lagrange, Noble, Steuben, and Whitley counties; as well as parts of Allen and Elkhart counties.


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