There’s an app for that!

Press release from the DNR:

Hiking can earn cash for parks with new iPhone app

Hiking and running or even walking around home or the office can now automatically benefit Indiana DNR State Parks and Reservoirs when Hoosiers use a new application on their iPhone.

And someone else does the donating.

That’s right. Those enjoying the outdoors and exercising pay nothing; they just run or walk while totingtheir iPhone.

The funds that come to Indiana’s state parks and reservoirs from this effort go into the Discovering the Outdoors Fund, which, as it grows, will help defray the cost of field trips for children to Indiana’s state parks and reservoirs. This fund, managed by the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation, was established in memory of long-time DNR employee and interpretive services supporter Tom Huck.

The money that goes to support Indiana’s state parks and reservoirs comes from ad revenue from the application. The more steps the user takes, the more Indiana’s state parks and reservoirs get.

Much like a pedometer, the app records the user’s steps. Once finished, the user submits his or her steps, then enters the Indiana state parks and reservoirs’ code of 1089. That’s it.

First the user must do the most recent download at the address below:

Then the user must find cell phone coverage before walking or running. Once the ads show up, the user is connected. The user then presses the “Lock” button, submits the 1089 code listed above, presses “done” then walks or runs as much as possible.

Green Boot (, the sponsoring media company, supports green initiatives and charities through interactive media exposure. The company allocates 15 percent of its annual proceeds to protecting parks, wetlands and more.

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