Commissioners Approve Allen County Government Continuity Plan

Allen County Board of Commissioners Seal

Press release from the Allen County Board of Commissioners:

Commissioners Approve Allen County Government Continuity Plan
Addresses possible emergency complications that could hinder operations

(December 17, 2010) – The Allen County Board of Commissioners today approved a Continuity of Government Plan to ensure essential functions and services can be performed during a local emergency or disaster.

“It has been proven normal day-to-day procedures are sometimes not sufficient during an emergency,” said the Board of Commissioners in a memo to department heads. “Therefore, it is important for departments to identify essential functions and be able to provide these functions at an alternative site within 12 hours of the emergency. The Allen County Continuity of Government Plan identifies and addresses possible emergency complications that could potentially hinder operations for local government.”

The Allen County continuity plan outlines the necessary steps for local government and emergency partners to:

  • Implement their continuity plans with and without warning
  • Be operational no later than 12 hours after activation
  • Be capable of maintaining sustained operations for up to 30 days
  • Incorporate regularly scheduled testing, training, and exercising of personnel, equipment, systems, processes, and procedures used to support the agency during the plan’s activation
  • Locate alternate facilities and have access to telecommunications, vital records, etc.

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Office of Homeland Security was responsible for coordinating and preparing the plan. Each County department was responsible for identifying key personnel needed to perform essential functions and outlining the course of action to be taken during an emergency.

A copy of the public version of the plan can be accessed here.


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