2012 Indiana Democratic State Convention will be held in Fort Wayne

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Press release from the Democratic Party of the Third Indiana Congressional District:

2012 Indiana Democratic State Convention will be held in Fort Wayne

The 2012 Indiana Democratic Party State Convention has been awarded to Fort Wayne. The 2012 convention will mark the first time that the Democratic Convention has been held outside of Indianapolis.

Mayor Tom Henry, the Democratic Party of the Third Congressional District, and Visit Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne Convention and Visitors’ Bureau) have campaigned the Indiana Democratic Party to move the convention for several months.


Statement from Carmen Darland, Chair of the Third District Democratic Party:

“Today is a great day for the Indiana Democratic Party and Northeastern Indiana.

Bringing the Demoratic Convention to Fort Wayne is not only reason to celebrate for the regional Democrats, but it also presents a huge economic opportunity to hotels, businesses, and restaurants in the region. The Democratic Party is interested in supporting business across the State of Indiana, and moving the convention demonstrates that ideal.

The efforts of Mayor Tom Henry’s administration, Visit Fort Wayne, the Grand Wayne Center, and the downtown hotels were very impressive. All groups involved recognized early on the extent of the economic impact of this idea and rallied around it. The 2012 Democratic Convention will be the largest convention ever hosted in Fort Wayne.

As I spoke to the voting members of the Indiana Democratic Party, the most common reason for voting for the Fort Wayne venue was the grassroots campaign launched by local volunteers, local businesses, and Democratic activists, which included a petition, a mail campaign, and a phone campaign. For all of Northeastern Indiana that signed the petitions, wrote a letter, or made a phone call…thank you!”


Historical Timeline:

February 2010 – The idea to campaign to move the Democratic Convention to Fort Wayne was generated by regional Democratic leaders.

May 2010 – Mayor Tom Henry and Visit Fort Wayne presented an initial proposal to the State Central Committee of the Indiana Democratic Party.

June 2010 – A majority of the delegates of the 2010 Indiana Democratic Convention voted to support the idea of looking at locations across the state to host the convention.

August 2010 – The Visit Fort Wayne group traveled to French Lick to lobby the Indiana Democratic Party for selection of Fort Wayne as the 2012 convention site.

October 2010 – A bid from the Grand Wayne Center, the Hilton Hotel, and the Courtyard Hotel was submitted to the Indiana Democratic Party.

October 2010 – December 11, 2010 – An unprecedented local campaign effort was put together to convince the Indiana Democratic Party members to vote for Fort Wayne. Local businesses, volunteers, elected officials, and Democratic leadership led a petition drive, a letter campaign, and a phone campaign.

December 11, 2010 – The Indiana Democratic Party Site Selection Committee unanimously selected Fort Wayne as the site of the 2012 convention. The voting body of the Indiana Democratic Party voted to approve the recommendation by a vote of 25-2. The voting body of the Indiana Democratic Party includes the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the nine Congressional Districts, DNC (Democratic National Committee) members, constituency group leadership, Deputy Chairs, and the Chair and Vice Chair of the IDP.

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