Mc Coy to declare candidacy on Wednesday – 12/15/2010

Local financial business owner Jim Mc Coy will be announcing his plans to run for the Fort Wayne City Council’s 5th District seat this coming Wednesday.

Mc Coy will be running on the Republican ballot.  On his facebook page (which can be reached through his campaign website), he states:

I am a former Systems Analyst who worked as an independent consultant. After misguided government policies seriously crippled my industry, I set out to build a new career.

I taught martial arts and produced martial arts videos that I sold on my web site to create some income while I decided what I wanted to do.

I returned to school to earn an Accounting degree while I worked in the Income Tax industry. My last job was as an Office Manager for H&R Block. I am now enrolled in a Masters Degree program working towards a degree in International Business.

I now operate McCoy Financial LLC, a management consulting, bookkeeping, and tax service. My goal is to work with small businesses to improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase profits.

No word yet from Democratic Incumbent Tim Pape as to whether or not he will be seeking re-election.  Pape is currently in his third term on the City Council.

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