2 in 1 out

Two candidate announcements this week and one drop out.

Republican Don Bobay will be dropping out of the 2nd District City Council race this week.  A formal press release should be possibly coming later today.

Republican Jerome Gaines is announcing on Wednesday that he will be running in the 2nd District City Council race in an event that’s been planned for quite a few weeks.

This morning I received word that Dr. John Crawford, former City Councilman-At-Large, will be announcing his plans to run for office on Thursday.  You might remember that late last year, Dr. Crawford ran an advertisement in the Journal Gazette seeking input from citizens about a possible run for Mayor.  Vote in the poll to the right of this post.

All-in-all, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time I’ll say this, the 2011 City-wide elections should be interesting!

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    • Zach – I’ve spoken with his campaign manager twice in the past two weeks. He shared with me both times Mr. Bobay was indeed dropping out. They were supposed to have released a statement Monday – which I haven’t seen yet. I’ll contact Don directly and see if I can confirm what is going on for sure.

      I’d add, not to be snarky, that there are many things that happen in this community that don’t make it into the newspapers/media outlets.

  1. Stephen –

    I hear you. The bloggers have been lent a handful of credibility in the last week. INC reported Crawford would be seeking the Mayors office after Crawford released a statement saying he would be seeking “an elected office.” The blogs are the only ones who reported it correctly – he will be seeking an At-Large seat.

    Did Don’s campaign manager give a reason / a reason that can be shared?

  2. Zach – The reason I was given was health-related. Details weren’t given and I didn’t ask. Some may find it odd that I have a poll inquiring about Crawford’s chance for Mayor, but it was something I’ve been curious about since his advertisement earlier this year. Once he announces, I’ll be posting a new poll regarding his announced office. The reason I haven’t come out listing it as Council At-Large is because I haven’t confirmed it first-hand for myself. But hopefully things will be laid to rest in thee next 30 minutes. BTW, was that you sitting near Molly during the Council meeting the other night?

    Abby – I hear ya! In fact, when we interviewed Mr. Gaines yesterday, the INC reporter/cameraman hadn’t heard Mr. Bobay had dropped out. I am hearing more and more how people are so dissatisfied with the media. Keep reading and supporting the local blogs!

    To all – I did email Mr. Bobay last night and may follow-up with a phone call tonight. Thanks for reading!

  3. Stephen –

    I was not saying that this blog has been erroneous in their coverage of Crawford – I had forgotten about that poll and I understood it to be speculative in it’s nature – INC ran a whole story prematurely reporting Crawford was running for mayor. There are many blogs that spout off with false information and that I despise – However I have been pleasantly surprised with the accuracy and responsibility of your blog vs. other blogs in general and vs. other FWA blogs.

    That WAS me next to Molly yes. I usually watch from home but hadn’t caught up with Molly lately. Were you next to Jim Sack?


    ps. I am not trying to conceal my identity by not placing my last name on my comments, but I don’t like that it then shows up in Google when someone googles my name – I like to keep my name in Google for purposes of directing people to my business!

    • Hi Zach,

      I didn’t take it that way at all! Yes, I was next to Jim, actually, at one point I was between Jim and Bob Caylor. I was in outstanding company that night! FYI, your email is visible to me, but of course it was your photo that tipped me off first! I’ll send you an email here in a few minutes.

      I do appreciate your comments and I was not reading them that way at all.


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