Parkview recognizes local nurse

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Press release from Parkview Hospital:

Parkview recognizes local nurse
Michelle Ditton honored for her work in helping sexual assault victims

(November 2, 2010) – Parkview Hospital officials today recognized the efforts of Michelle Ditton for her commitment to helping sexual assault victims.

Ditton is a forensic nurse examiner for the local Sexual Assault Treatment Center and a founding member of the center.

Parkview has benefitted from Ditton’s expertise as she has assisted in developing a sexual assault resource book that is used at all Parkview hospitals in northeast Indiana. In addition, she has been involved in helping with policy revisions and providing education to staff members. Ditton’s leadership has helped Parkview improve patient care and enhance the hospital’s ability to maintain forensic evidence.

Ditton received a plaque and was greeted by colleagues from Parkview Hospital and the medical community.

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