Derek Pillie interview

Derek Pillie, Indiana 3rd Congressional District Director for former Congressman Mark Souder, spoke with us earlier today about the office’s closing.

The office closed today and the current staff’s future is unknown.  Tomorrow’s Special Election will see a new Congressman elected who could, theoretically at least, take office as early as Wednesday.  For that to happen, the race would have to be a very decisive one – not the least bit close.    Probably, the best case scenario is for the Congressman-elect to take the floor of the House on the 15th of this month when the House reconvenes.

In the meantime, we spoke with Derek about the closing, how long Derek had been with the office, his best accomplishment and what his future holds.

I think we the citizens of the 3rd Congressional District owe a huge thank you to the staff that stayed behind to finish up business and leave things very well organized and ready for the next staff.  They all carried themselves with dignity, respect and exercised the professionalism we should expect of all those who serve the public.

Best of luck to all them!




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