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Dr. Tom Hayhurst for USA Congress-A man of, and for, the people

Dr. Tom Hayhurst should be the next USA Congressman for District 3 for Northeast Indiana.

He’s the most qualified. He has been campaigning for many reasons and for many months to represent the people in Washington, D.C.

Congressional District 3 includes eight counties in Northeast Indiana. Fort Wayne is the largest population center.

Hayhurst began his campaign before the previous congressman, Republican Mark Souder, resigned from office after holding it since 1995.

Hayhurst is a far cry from a “Johnny Come Lately.”

One opponent is Republican Indiana State Senator Marlin Stutzman. He began campaigning much later than Hayhurst after unsuccessfully seeking another political office first and then deciding to go for this one. The other opponent is Libertarian Party candidate Scott Wise.

Marlin Stutzman’s website states that this is “probably one of the most important elections in our nation’s history.”

He may be right for Northeast Indiana elections in 2010.

The question is-who should win? Hayhurst, Stutzman or Wise? All may be qualified. Only one is very much more so than the others.

It’s Hayhurst!

Hayhurst could be travelling the world on retirement, but he has missions to pursue-all for the quality of life of the people in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana.

He does this:

“I spend time talking to people about issues and our current representation. There is a feeling of many that we need better representation in Washington, DC,” Hayhurst said to this writer.

Hayhurst cares about the people who he should, and hopefully will, represent.

That means all the people. It starts with family.

“When I think of my grandchildren, I want to do what I can for them for their future and their quality of life. Also, I believe strongly in having a strong economy for Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana.”

Dr. Tom Hayhurst and Judy, his wife, do travel, when possible-not now during a campaign for a public mission. Family is first and the people, including family, are always first.

“We are blessed with two children, two grandsons and two twin granddaughters.”

“I want them to have opportunities for their future.”

Although his outside interests are fishing, traveling, reading, jogging, and racquetball, there’s not much time for this right now during campaigning.

His background merits his candidacy to be the next Congressman for the residents of Northeast Indiana.

He graduated from Fort Wayne North Side High School and Indiana University School of Medicine at Indianapolis as a Doctor of Medicine. He completed an Internal Medicine Residency and Pulmonary-Critical Care Fellowship training at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, Grady Memorial Hospital/Emory University in Atlanta, and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Here’s one of Hay Hurst’s missions which is proven by his track record of pursuing in Fort Wayne. With voter support, he will do so in Washington, D.C.

It’s our veterans and it’s healthcare.

He is a Vietnam-era veteran, serving as a Captain Major, in the United States Air Force. From 1969-1971, he served as General Medical Officer on active duty at various military installations across the United States. He then returned to Fort Wayne as a practicing physician at various medical facilities.

How about the veterans and healthcare?

In 2004, he founded Veterans for Better Health Care, a group that successfully pursued maintaining the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Fort Wayne and promotes improved healthcare benefits for veterans. Another mission and passion–healthcare for veterans.

Hayhurst, a military veteran, was a leader in a major battle a few years ago in Fort Wayne to save the local Veterans Administration Hospital.  This mission continues relentlessly today to preserve the future of VA health care.

“Our veterans served our country when we needed them. They deserve the high quality, relatively low cost care which the VA healthcare system provides.  This should include the availability of inpatient care here in Fort Wayne.

Many of those on the fringe say ‘get the government out of health care’ and are planning on shutting down the VA system.  That’s wrong!

I will fight to maintain and improve care at our local VA Hospital for which we have fought so hard.”

Besides his passion and mission to pursue, Hayhurst has a proven track record for Congressman based on his public office background plus more.

From 1996-2008, he served on the Fort Wayne City Council, representing Fort Wayne west side’s 4th District. In 2005, he also challenged Congressman Souder for USA Congress.

He is a maverick, representing all the people in his voting, sometimes taking unpopular decisions. He supported Republican Dr. John Crawford on the city-wide smoking ban, unpopular at the time, which has since been adopted by communities around the state.

He supported Harrison Square, unpopular at the time, and today is the nucleus of the USA model-Parkview Field, a venue for minor league baseball with the

TinCaps and many other community events, benefiting the area residents.

Hayhurst is a founder of organizations for causes and healthcare clinics for the poor.

He is a co-founder of the Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association, which promotes the return or increase of passenger rail systems in the area.

He is a founding member of Matthew 25 Health and Dental Clinic in Fort Wayne and the Wolf Lake Free Health Clinic and volunteers and works at both.

Besides his volunteer work, he works part-time at the Allen County-Fort Wayne Health Department, Indiana Medical Associates, and St. Martin’s Healthcare Clinic in Garrett, Indiana.

Hayhurst addressed the issues of the day and his campaign to be a USA Congressman in an interview with this writer.

Why is Dr. Tom Hayhurst a candidate for Congress?

“There are a few reasons. I spend time talking to people about issues and our current representation. There is a feeling of many that we need better representation in Washington, DC. When I think of my grandchildren, I want to do what I can for them for their future and their quality of life. Also, I believe strongly in having a strong economy for Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana.”

What about Hayhurst’s legislative priorities as a future congressman?

“One is to strengthen the economy, bring and maintain jobs in Northeast Indiana and the USA in general. That means stronger fair trade policies, building regional economic development powerhouses so that counties don’t have to compete against counties, and providing technical training and loans for retraining out- of- work employees.”

It’s now up to the voters to decide. Voters will hire the next Congressman for Northeast Indiana.

Dr. Tom Hayhurst may and should be the people’s choice.

He’s earned it. He’s proven it.

He has more missions to accomplish for us all.

For more information about Dr. Tom Hayhurst, please visit this website: tomhayhurstforcongress.com.

For information about voting locations and times on November 2 and more, please contact the Allen County Election Board by phone at (260) 449-7329 or on the worldwide web.


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