Opinion: Cathy Byrd Hawks on Wendy Davis

Allen County Superior Court Criminal Division Judge candidate Wendy Davis.  Photo from her Facebook page.

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I take the privilege of voting very serious. I deeply love my country and community, so when I vote for someone it is because I have studied them and believe with all my heart they would best serve our community.


Her 20 years of incredible experience and accomplishments proves she is fully qualified and prepared to be a Judge. She has years of experience prosecuting felony cases. She has defend victims that have been stabbed, shot and beaten and SUCCESSFULLY put their offenders AWAY!!!

While her husband served in Desert Storm she served as an assisant District Attorney in Texas where she prosecuted violent criminals and crimes such as homicides and gang-related cases.

Wendy Davis exercises good judgment in difficult situations and can be trusted by the citizens of Allen County. I have full confidence in her judgement, fairness and integrity.

This is a non-partisan position and I am joined by Republicans, Democrats and Independants in my support of Wendy Davis as well as people from students to retirees.

Vote November 2nd for a fresh new approach, vote for WENDY DAVIS FOR JUDGE!!!

Cathy Hawks
Fort Wayne

Visit the official Wendy Davis campaign website


  1. Great article Cathy! I would like to add, that like the “controversial” sign that someone has that says Wendy is “pro law enforcement.” I would like to say that me, as well as almost anyone I can think of is pro law enforcement and support our law enforcement! Just as I support our military. Just cause there might be a things some military people have done, that I would not support, does not mean I do not fully support our military men and woman in uniform. To say that you DO NOT support our law enforcement, means that maybe your tenure as judge has been too long and you need to go! As judge, it is your job to WORK WITH law enforcement and if you do not support what they do you cannot possibly work with them successfully!

  2. I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard Judge Scheibenberger say he did not support law enforcement. What does the military have to do with this? It’s an extremely poor analogy. This whole argument that if you’re not in support of something fully, or vocalizing it means your against it is hogwash.

    The problem with a candidate for a judicial seat saying they’re ‘pro law enforcement’ is that it calls into question their ability to remain fair and follow the law. It smacks of a judge who would do almost anything, overlook any law enforcement problem just to get a conviction. Is that right? Is that fair? Is that what we want on the bench?

    To be fair to Wendy, I support her. I don’t think she’d ever stoop to any of the above. This is just another poor example of supporters from both sides picking and choosing phrases and campaign points to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    Wendy would make a fine judge. The thing that excites me about her is she would definitely bring a fresh perspective to the bench. I think she would work hard to exert and develop whatever influence she could in the community to help reduce recidivism. It’s something that I haven’t gotten the sense from Judge Scheibenberger that he’s open or willing to do. He seems resistant and is fine with the status quo. He’s given this community many years of fine, upstanding service – bumpy along the way, but nonetheless, a solid record. It’s time to shake things up a bit and see what happens. This is one example of what should be talked about in this campaign, but is often missed.


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