Opinion: Abby Heidenreich on Judge Kenneth Scheibenberger

Judge Kenneth Scheibenberger at a candidate forum earlier this month.

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There are a thousand reasons to vote for Judge Kenneth R. Scheibenberger

Here are a few:

  • He was on of the first IN THE NATION to be innovative and come up with programs for non-violent offenders, keeping these people out of our prisons. This was an uphill battle for funding as well as faith. It is so successful that there are courts all over the United States that have copied Allen County Indiana’s drug court.
  • This election is not a popularity contest. You can not get the job by simply saying it is the next logical step. Judge Scheibenberger committed his entire career to the criminal justice system in Allen County. The people can have faith in his court room because of his proven record. He is the strongest candidate because of experience on the bench.
  • The Journal Gazette endorsed Judge Scheibenberger. This endorsement was not chosen solely by Tracy Warner; it was a committee that voted. That committee suggested to the people of Allen County Indiana to vote for Judge Scheibenberger.
  • The News Sentinel weakly endorses one of Judge Scheibenberger’s opponents while in the same article touting that his personal issues shouldn’t misconstrue the facts that he has integrity and is competent and fair in his rulings.
  • Judge Scheibenberger chooses to work the drug cases in Allen County Superior court because that is where he feels he can make the biggest impact and help the most people. Many of these cases involve non-violent crimes that are people with personal problems that need dealt with more than the actual crime they committed. There is no one that has been more instrumental in coming up with ways to rehabilitate people, save lives and better the community we live in. His mantra is “prison is for the people that we are afraid of” and Judge Scheibenberger has chosen the lesser profile cases in order to reduce the prison population and help people that need help, not seeking headlines by handling violent cases.
  • Judge Scheibenberger has the OVERWHELMING support of his colleagues. There are countless people involved in law enforcement, county and city offices that daily offer their support to Judge Scheibenberger. His supporters include democrats, republicans and independents. If people that work with you every day do not find you competent there would be reason for change, however Judge Scheibenberger is the antithesis of that theory. Ask around and find out for yourself.

On Nov. 2, please scroll to the end of ballot and push the button for Judge Kenneth R. Scheibenberger.

Abby Heidenreich

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