ISP Makes 356 DUI Arrests in Statewide Campaign

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Press release from the Indiana State Police:

ISP Makes 356 DUI Arrests in Statewide Campaign

(October 25, 2010) – On Friday and Saturday, between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., the Indiana State Police conducted a statewide driving under the influence enforcement project. Enforcement personnel throughout Indiana were assigned to this detail to aggressively seek and arrest impaired drivers.

Impaired driving remains one of America’s deadliest problems. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2008, 37,261 people were killed nationally in motor vehicle crashes. That same year, 11,773 people were killed in crashes that involved a driver or motorcyclist with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher. That means every 45 minutes someone in the United States died in a crash involving an impaired driver. In Indiana, in 2009, there were a total of 189,676 crashes, 8,855 of them were alcohol related.

The purpose of the two day enforcement campaign was to remove impaired drivers from Indiana roadways before they caused needless pain, suffering, and death to innocent victims. The Indiana State Police is committed to reducing the number of impaired driving crashes. As of October 1, 2010, the Indiana State Police has made 7,195 impaired driving arrests. In 2009, troopers arrested 9,395 impaired drivers, a 34 percent increase over 2008.

Statewide, the two day enforcement campaign resulted in 356 impaired driving arrests. Troopers also issued 3242 traffic citations and 6018 written warnings. Officers also made 370 arrests for various criminal violations.

In the Indiana State Police Jasper District there were 6 impaired driving arrests made. Officers issued 91 traffic citations and 401 written warnings.

Motorists are encouraged to report suspected impaired drivers by calling 911. Give a vehicle description, location, and direction of travel. Never follow an impaired driver.

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  1. follow the money. how much money will the STATE benefit from these Indiana motorists? what was the criteria for pulling these folks over? Public safety all too often depends on insurance companies buying laws that benefit their businesses under the guise of “public safety” aka- insurance company welfare.
    these were citizens out after dark, likely social drinkers- non- violent offenders. OWI should be made a civil offense- pay a fine, do ACP classes/ alcohol drinking safety classes, AA, and community service. I never see rich people in these – they can buy their way out. And that doesnt mean that only the rich should be able to drink…or drive…surely there is some more selective criteria the cops could use to keep the streets safe in the middle of the evening when most citizens are safely inbed, and where the dark, empty roads are only drivers out bar- hopping, ntrying to have some fun in their miserable lives, without excessive police intrusion, and harassment in their private lives.
    by the way- the web site http:/ has 6700 or so outstanding warrants in allencounty, and well over 16000 state wide.
    sure would be nice if the State cops would go after the dangerous violent felons, and fugitives instead of harassing stoners, social drinkers, misfits, and screw-ups, instead of clogging the courts with said same.
    follow the money…..


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