Severe Weather Alert

City of Fort Wayne Seal

Press release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Severe Weather Alert

Fort Wayne, Allen County, is currently under a severe thunderstorm watch until early afternoon. We expect sustained high winds for up to 30 hours.

Be watchful for downed power lines and trees overhead for the next 30 hours. Stay tuned to local media for weather alerts. Please be mindful of the sirens in the city. Take appropriate cover and try to avoid unnecessary travel during the storm.

NONEMERGENCY: Please call 3-1-1 for all downed power lines (not sparking), broken branches and debris caused by high winds.

EMERGENCIES: Please call 9-1-1 only in case of emergency. Fallen tree branches or debris is not an emergency. Sparking power lines are considered an emergency. We would like to ensure we do not overwhelm 9-1-1 operation centers with unnecessary calls. All nonemergency issues should be called in to 3-1-1.

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