Sunday Interview Series: Final segment

Mike Avila, Mike Conley, Kevin Howell, Maye Johnson and Stacey O'Day.

This week’s installment of the Sunday Interview series will be the last.

There might be some additional interviews, but nothing is planned.

First up is Democrat Mike Avila who is running against Republican incumbent Linda Bloom for the Allen County Commissioner’s 3 District seat.  Commissioner Bloom was contacted about an interview, but did not respond.

InterviewOfficial campaign website

Democrat Mike Conley is running against Republican Tom Harris whose interview was posted a few weeks ago.  This is for the 2nd District Allen County Council seat.

InterviewOfficial campaign website

Republican Kevin Howell is taking on Democratic incumbent Maye Johnson for the 1st District Allen County Council seat.  This would be Johnson’s second term if re-elected.

Kevin Howell: InterviewBrochure

Maye Johnson: InterviewBrochure

Finally we have an interview with Republican Allen County Assessor Stacey O’Day who is unopposed.


I do have at least one more interview with Democrat Pete Buttigieg who is seeking the Indiana Treasurer’s office against incumbent Republican Richard Mourdock. I’ve been having some difficulties with the software used to compile the video clips.  Hopefully they will be resolved tonight or tomorrow.

As usual, there are several new polls to the right of this post asking who you will be voting for in just over a week.

For other interviews in this series, click here.

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  1. Stephen,

    Whenever I hear a news source claim that a candidate did not respond to their questions, I have to wonder whether there is more to the story than what they are saying. Of course, there are the blatant examples where the candidate obviously doesn’t want to answer questions, but other times I have to wonder how hard the media tried. It seems like you are trying to cover all the candidates without expressing your personal opinions, so I don’t worry about that with you. I’m just saying as a general rule that I would like to know exactly how hard the particular reporter actually tried to contact the candidate.

    Take a look at the News-Sentinel list of candidate questionnaires and you will see that the vast majority of them did not respond. And the non-response does not seem to follow any particular pattern of partisan affiliation. I’ve heard that some candidates feel they can get public sympathy for dissing the media, as a retaliation for their perceived bias. Or maybe, with the proliferation of media outlets in recent years, the candidates are just too overwhelmed to respond to all of them.


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