Mourdock finds time for bizarre visit to opponent’s home, but not debates

Pete Buttigieg campaign sign.

Press release from the Pete Buttigieg for Indiana State Treasurer campaign:

Mourdock finds time for bizarre visit to opponent’s home, but not debates
Incumbent State Treasurer, supporters pose for pictures in front of Buttigieg’s home

(SOUTH BEND, October 21, 2010) – In one of the stranger episodes of the 2010 election cycle, yesterday incumbent State Treasurer Richard Mourdock was in South Bend and took time to pose for pictures with supporters outside the home of his opponent, Democrat Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg, who is traveling the state discussing risky investments in the state’s portfolio and his plans to improve the office, was contacted by several concerned neighbors who witnessed the strange scene.

He released the following statement this morning:

“Last evening several concerned neighbors alerted us that a group of people were assembled in front of my home in South Bend taking pictures. After a family member investigated, I was surprised to learn that there was indeed a group present posing for pictures at my home and that State Treasurer Mourdock was among them.

I have no idea why they were there, why Treasurer Mourdock and his followers were photographing my home or what their intentions were. I doubt they were there for early trick-or-treating. Frankly, the whole thing is odd and a bit creepy.

But more than that, I am puzzled that our elected state treasurer, the man charged with looking after our money, would make time for a juvenile stunt like this, while claiming to be too busy to debate me on the important issues confronting this office.

I’ve repeatedly asked Treasurer Mourdock to debate. I’ve asked in person, by letter and through the press and he has consistently refused to respond. If only I’d known he was coming, I’d have made sure to be home, and invited him in for a cup of coffee so we could sit down like adults and nail down the details of when and where we could publicly debate.

We still have time to meet in a debate. There are still two debates left in the race for United States Senate, so there is surely enough time left for one debate in the state treasurer’s race. And, since he obviously knows where I live and is so interested in my house, I’ll even offer it up as a venue for our debate.”

For more information on Pete Buttigieg or his campaign for Indiana State Treasurer please visit or call 574-889-0002.


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