Parkview Don’t Text & Drive program expands

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Press release from Parkview Hospital:

Parkview Don’t Text & Drive program expands to St. Mary’s Health System in Evansville

Parkview Hospital today announced the Parkview Don’t Text & Drive program is partnering with St. Mary’s Health System in Evansville.

Parkview Trauma Centers’ representatives will be working with St. Mary’s to help their organization establish a Don’t Text & Drive education campaign, similar to the one in use in Fort Wayne.

“We are pleased to be offering our program and experiences with St. Mary’s,” said Lisa Hollister, program manager, Parkview Hospital Trauma Centers.

“Texting and driving is such a serious problem. It’s critical that we continue to work to educate the public about the dangers associated with distracted driving. We look forward to seeing positive results in Evansville like we’ve seen in Fort Wayne.”

Parkview Hospital launched the Don’t Text & Drive campaign in February 2009. Parkview’s Don’t Text & Drive program includes billboards, signage at Glenbrook Square Mall, public service announcements on television and radio, and education outreach to area high schools.

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