Missed opportunity: Morris says Innovation Center expansion should move forward

Jack Morris for State Senate campaign sign.

Press release from the Jack Morris for Indiana State Senate campaign:

Missed opportunity: Morris says Innovation Center expansion should move forward
Local project blocked by state at the expense of local workers, long-term economic activity

(D) State Senate Candidate Jack Morris Jack believes investing and growing jobs locally is the best economic development tool we have for growing our way out of this recession. “In order to create a successful community, we have to invest in the infrastructure and resources for knowledge based companies and industries in order to be attractive so that they may grow their operations in Fort Wayne. ”

“One of the ways to do this is to create a strong vibrant technology based atmosphere that has proven successful around the country”, Morris added. He says the state should allow for construction at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center to move forward for immediate gains, long-term business development, and a diversified economy. “That is why I’m here; to harness the promise and potential that this innovation park holds in our community, bring greater focus and intensity to the funding of these projects, and the need to diversify our local economy into higher paying higher quality jobs.”

Morris noted the project would be funded by bonds, not an immediate expense to the state, and would create significant economic activity in the area. “I don’t understand why our elected officials are blocking this project. It is short sighted to deny this project, the jobs it could create, and the taxpayer dollars that would be saved if we got started now.”

“With unemployment high and bond interest rates low, it is hard to believe my opponent did not fight for this. It would have be a good time to move forward on this project,” Morris said. “I can assure you, when I am elected Senator I will attend every Budget Committee meeting when opportunities arrive for job creation in Fort Wayne. I will follow up and assure the funding is working and nothing prevents the project from going forward. I will not be so anxious to rubberstamp an administration that is only interested in creating jobs in Indianapolis.”

The expansion of the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center received authorization by the Indiana General Assembly under the state budget signed into law by Governor Daniels in 2009. Approved under the legislation was $10 million for the new Global Design and Technology Center and a Center for Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing Performance.

“The Innovation Center is exactly where we should be devoting long-term investments,” Morris said. “It’s a business and technology incubator helping Hoosier entrepreneurs start and grow their companies. Centers like this and the networks they create are key in developing Indiana’s new economy. Instead of talking the talk, we need to walk the walk when it comes to aggressively bringing 21st Century jobs to Fort Wayne.”

The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center is the region’s “one-stop shop” for all entrepreneurial services and is committed to growing, building, or developing innovative businesses in Northeast Indiana. More information on the center is available at https://www.niic.net.

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