Journal Gazette endorses 3rd District Congressional candidate Tom Hayhurst

Tom Hayhurst for Congress logo.

Press release from the Tom Hayhurst for Congress, 3rd Indiana Congressional District campaign:

Journal Gazette Endorses 3rd District Congressional Candidate Tom Hayhurst
“Hayhurst is the kind of statesman Northeast Indiana needs to send to Washington”

Today, the Journal Gazette, Northeast Indiana’s largest newspaper, endorsed Tom Hayhurst as the best candidate this election for the 3rd Congressional District, citing his record as a bi-partisan legislator.

“Tom Hayhurst has a record of serving his country and his community. Dr. Hayhurst is a former Major in the U.S. Air Force and co-founded various free-health clinics at which he still volunteers today. It is thanks to this independent, fiscally concerned and pro-business thinking that Dr. Hayhurst received this endorsement,” said Hayhurst Campaign Manager Jason Kingsbury.

From the Journal Gazette:

“Hayhurst, a moderate Democrat, served on the Fort Wayne City Council for 12 years and earned a reputation for working across party lines and serving the best interests of his constituents. He is precisely the kind of statesman northeast Indiana needs to send to Washington.

He is also lauded for his many years of service to his community as a doctor and to his country in the U.S. Air Force. He helped found Veterans for Better Healthcare to ensure local veterans get the quality health care they deserve. He also co-founded the Matthew 25 Health & Dental Clinic’s free pulmonary clinic, accomplishments that give him needed insight into health care issues and will make him the better candidate to work toward implementing and improving the recently passed health care reform legislation.

Marlin Stutzman, the Republican running against Hayhurst, has sought four different political offices in the last four years, suggesting his political ambitions may outweigh his desire to serve the people who have elected him. Stutzman, who previously served as an aide to Rep. Mark Souder, was a state representative for seven years, then a state senator.”


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