Ardmore Moves Traffic Boosts Economy

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Ardmore Moves Traffic Boosts Economy
Ardmore Avenue re-opens two weeks ahead of schedule

Ardmore Avenue re-opened today as a four-lane road and designated truck rout.

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry joined other community leaders for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and press conference to mark the event.

“I am delighted we now have a direct route that benefits local economic development,” said Mayor Henry. “Ardmore Avenue’s expansion is a two-fold success because not only does it meet our city’s needs, but it also is a vital step toward reducing emissions.”

As a two-lane road, Ardmore had stop signs that often backed-up traffic causing motorists to increase idling time. The new design keeps traffic flowing. It offers straight and direct connection to industry, businesses and neighborhoods along the north-south corridor.

The City worked closely with residents to ensure the plans met their needs. Trails built along Ardmore provide pedestrians safe and easy connectivity throughout the community.

“We began talking to residents all the way back in 2004. We value everyone’s input and shaped Ardmore’s expansion to incorporate the needs of our community,” said Bob Kennedy, director of Public Works. “The neighborhood ended up with a finished project that will help alleviate traffic.”

Road utilization was 14,000 vehicles per day. With the expansion, the city expects an increase of 6,000 vehicles each day, but with less congestion.

In addition to providing a major boost to north/south connectivity, the project also created local jobs.

“This was a great opportunity for our city,” said Mayor Henry. “We hired locally, thus investing not only in our infrastructure but also in our economy.”

Significant financing for the $3.2 million project came from the Redevelopment Commission, which was critical said Kennedy.

Construction began in May and finished 15 days ahead of schedule.

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